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Problems of Translating Tamil Classical Works into Arabic: Special Reference to Thirukkural Translations in Arabic and Towards Resolving the Deficiency in Translation

Ahamed Zubair


Translation is one of the main factors that urge a nation to transfer a foreign heritage to its language. This took place in the past, and has been taking place at present and will take place repeatedly in the future. Translation is as old as the art of writing. It began with the social needs of people. Whenever two linguistic groups interact as neighbours to each other, translation starts from source language to other languages became inevitable.

Thiruvalluvar authored Thirukkural, which contains his thoughts and philosophies. Thirukkural contains 1330 couplets divided into three Parts and 133 Chapters. The first part deals with virtues, the ethics and moral values of Life; the second one discusses wealth, Socio-economic and Political aspects of an individual’s life and the third part focuses on love and depicts the intimate relationship between a man and a woman – the love before and after marriage. The philosophies propounded in this poetical work are very much relevant to humanity as a whole, irrespective of one’s language, race, culture, religion, sex, age. In the age of globalization, the teachings of Thirukkural provide a strong mooring to all human beings.

Keywords: Thirukkural, Translation Techniques, Arabic, Tamil, al-Abyaaath al-Muqadassa,Arabic Versions of Thirukkural.

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